Control barriers and garage doors with your smartphone
How does it work?
AppSesamo is a comprehensive system for controlling barriers and garage doors, consisting of 3 elements:

  • SesamoBox: A control unit that is easily installed in the barrier, in the garage door or in the electrical panel that controls them.
  • An App for Android or iOS where your digital keys are stored (displayed as buttons) and from where you can activate the doors and barriers of your house or your community of neighbors.
  • Digital keys, which are cryptographic codes (such as digital signatures or certificates) recognized by the SesamoBox to open the door only to the user who has them correctly installed and activated in the App.
AppSesamo is the App that gives you access to all your garage doors from the same device.

The garage door of your home, your second residence, the barrier, the garage door of your work and every door you have access to. It is the device that always accompanies you on your mobile.

Has it ever happened to you that:

... you took the car over for review, they give you a replacement car, you come home and when you go to open the door, where's the remote control?.

... you have taken your partner's car, and when you're going to open the office garage door, where's the remote control?.

... you're walking, and you don't want to take the car, so you don't take the keys, but you do want to get in and out through your garage door, where did I leave the remote?.

... you come work from home, and you have to look for the magnetic key, where have I left it? You look in the glove box... and it's filled with remote controls!.

... one day you are going to open your garage door and the LED doesn't work, because the battery has run out... where do i find now a battery that fits my remote?.

The answer is on your smartphone, the device that always accompanies you, that you can recharge at night, and that you can even charge in your own car.

Why carry a bunch full of remotes and keys when the mobile is always with you?: it is your phone, your calendar, your calculator, your photos, and now, too, the keys of your garage.

At AppSesamo we take your security very seriously, that is why our system applies the most modern computer security techniques, which provides an added security that you do not have with traditional remote controls.

Your own smartphone already has security elements incorporated to access it, such as fingerprint, face or pattern recognition, password, pin, hidden App, etc. Your traditional garage remote control does not have any security system: if you lose it, if your car is opened or if it is stolen, your remote can be used without any protection.

On the other hand, AppSesamo protects the communication between your keys and the door with security techniques equivalent to that of the banking system on the Internet. So hacking them is not an option. Unauthorized copies cannot be made and yet you, as an administrator, can make immediate copies and send them to whoever you want, without leaving your home. Most remote controls can be easily cloned, but AppSesamo digital keys cannot be cloned, only new ones can be generated through a complex cryptographic system integrated into the AppSesamo system.

For daily use of the AppSesamo systems, once configured, you will not need Internet access from your smartphone, or connect any other device to your home router for the system to work. Opening the doors only requires direct communication between the mobile and the SesamoBox that controls the door. Internet is not necessary to open the doors: no one can open your door from Internet.

Two products: AppSesamo Family and AppSesamo Parking
- AppSesamo Family:
  • Oriented to the opening of barriers and garage doors in single-family homes. AppSesamo Family allows you to have up to 6 digital keys active at the same time for each SesamoBox Family. These digital keys can be moved between smartphones at any time.
- AppSesamo Parking:
  • Oriented to the opening of barriers and garage doors in neighboring communities and company buildings. AppSesamo Parking has no limit to the number of digital keys that can exist at the same time to open a door controlled by a SesamoBox Parking.
  • (Optional) Allows to store a history of operations.
  • (Optional) Allows management of failures, alerts and warnings.
  • (Optional) Allows time programming for openings / closings, allowing the doors to be left open in high traffic intervals, which preserves the useful life of the engines and reduces consumption. Typical example: hours of entry and exit to workplaces or school.

The future of door openers ...
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